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Book Publishers Beginning with "T"

  • Talewinds (Imprint of Charlesbridge Publishing) Submission guidelines - Picture-book length fiction; stories about real children in contemporary settings.

  • Tangerine Press (An imprint of Scholastic) Submission guidelines - "Committed to helping teachers by providing a full range of high-quality books. Most are written by educators working in many settings — and especially by teachers. We are eager to be the vehicle teachers seek out to communicate their most exciting projects and activities, specific teaching approaches and strategies, the results of research conducted in their own classrooms, their reflections and ongoing questions."

  • Teacher Created Materials (Educational Publisher) Submission guidelines - "Publishes quality resource books at the early childhood, elementary, middle school, and high school levels. Books cover all aspects of the curriculum--language arts, social studies, math, science, technology, and the arts. Helps teachers and parents create stimulating learning environments by producing colorful bulletin boards, stickers, awards, notepads, postcards, name tags, and incentive charts."

  • Katherine Tegen Books Submission guidelines - An imprint of Harcourt Books - "The best stories-stories that entertain, inform, and that capture the excitement, the joys, and the longings of life. Narratives created through memorable characters and original voices are the most powerful way to connect the reader with the experience of growing up in our world."
  • Katherine Tegen Books (Division of HarperCollins) - "Stories that entertain, inform, and that capture the excitement, the joys, and the longings of life. Narratives created through memorable characters and original voices are the most powerful way to connect the reader with the experience of growing up in our world."

  • Through The Bible (Religious, Christian) - "Bible curriculum is designed to help children ages 2 - 14 reach their fullest potential. It will challenge your kids to go deeper into the Bible and equip them to be disciples of Jesus Christ."

  • Tor Books Submission guidelines - "Committed (although not limited) to SF and fantasy literature."

  • Torah Aura Productions (Educational Publisher)

  • Tradewind Books Submission guidelines - "A small publishing house that believes in the importance of quality literature for young people. Our goal is to create wonderful books which will transport young people to other places, times and worlds through the imaginative power of story."

  • Tricycle Press Submission guidelines - "The littlest division of Ten Speed, An independently owned book and poster publisher."

  • Trophy (Division of HarperCollins) - "The premier paperback imprint for children."

  • Turtle Books - "An independent publishing house specializing in illustrated children's books. Our goal is to publish a small, select list of high quality children's books each year in both English and Spanish editions.

  • Turtle Press Submission guidelines - "Our theme of longevity has been a guiding principle for Turtle Press. We pride ourselves on producing products that are timeless additions to the martial arts world, a unique blend of tradition and innovation that is our hallmark."

  • Twenty-First Century Books (Division of Millbrook Press) - "Interested in works that have a strong, relevant tie to a school curriculum, such as math, science, American history, social studies, biography, etc. Proposals aimed at teachers or parents are not appropriate for us. We do not accept fiction, picture books, activity books, or other novelty submissions."
    Author Fiction Submission Guidelines (PDF)
    Author Nonfiction Submission Guidelines (PDF)
    Illustrator Submission Guidelines (PDF)

  • Tyndale (Religious, Christian) Submission guidelines – “Our books cover a wide range of categories: home and family, Christian growth, devotional, motivational, children, youth, inspirational, theology, doctrine, fiction, general reference, and some miscellaneous selections like humor and puzzle books. We do not hold a particular denominational or doctrinal view but publish books that express biblically supportable approaches to life in the tradition of orthodox Christianity. We do not publish graded curriculum, program materials such as skits or plays, or music. Our main audience is children, youth, and adults in the evangelical church.”

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