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Writer's Guidelines
Writing and Illustration "How-To" Articles needed:

If you are a published writer or illustrator who is interested in sharing what you know, the Colossal Directory of Children's Publishers is adding content to Childrens-Publishers' [http://www.childrens-publishers.com/]. The content is designed to benefit beginning writers and illustrators who are seeking "how-to" information about the craft of writing, illustrating, or process of getting published.

This is not a paying publication, but your article would be placed on the website with a "By" line, and a link to any personal website you may have, as long as it is a "family friendly" website. You can write a shameless, self-promotion paragraph at the end of your article. ;-)

Articles should be 500-2000 words in length (loosely defined), and cover a narrowly focused topic in depth. Please send your article via email along with information about what articles or books you have published.

Please don't be intimidated by the pubication requirement. Articles by writers or illustrators who have only had a few articles published can be as valuable as those by highly publicized writers. We welcome articles from anyone who has an ability to write a focused piece and can clearly convey information.

Childrens-Publishers reserves the right to edit any articles in content, style, and format to suit the Childrens-Publishers' website. We also reserve the right to graciously decline publication of any article, for any reason. Since this is not a paying market, it is only an exposure opportunity which gives you bragging rights to say you're published on our website and a place to hang your byline ;-) .

If you want to help fledgling writers and illustrators by sharing what you know--please send us your articles! ;-) You can send articles for consideration to: SLC -AT- Signaleader.com.

Best Wishes and thanks SO much for considering this opportunity,
Sandy Cook, Editor and Owner
Childrens-Publishers - http://www.Childrens-Publishers.com/


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