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Book Publishers Beginning with "P"

  • Pacific Press Publishing Assn Submission Guidelines -(Seventh-day Adventist) - "Publishes books and periodicals with Christian themes. We produce a full line of materials for children and adults, including many books dealing with biblical and inspirational topics."

  • Parenting Press, Inc. Submission guidelines - "Offers useful books that teach practical life skills to parents, children, and the people who care for them. The books are non-judgmental in attitude, useful to people with many different value systems, and full of options rather than “shoulds.” They are short, easily understood, and present material in a fresh way."

  • Pauline Books & Media (Religious, Catholic) - "As apostles of Jesus Christ, evangelizing today's world: We are called to holiness by God's living Word and Eucharist, we communicate the Gospel message through our lives and through all available forms of media, we serve the Church by responding to the hopes and needs of all people with the word of God, in the spirit of St. Paul."

  • Peachtree Publishers, Ltd. Submission guidelines - "Publishes children's picture and illustrated chapter books, young adult books, education, parenting, self-help, and health books, travel and recreational guides about the southeast, nature and outdoors titles, general gift books, and cookbooks and gardening books with southern orientation. We do accept original fiction with a southern flavor, but publish very few titles in this category, seldom more than one a year."

  • Pearl Street Publishing Submission guidelines - "Publishes works which will transport the reader to an uplifting place. These works will not be limited by category. They will sometimes be reflective, sometimes challenging, sometimes beautiful, sometimes humorous, sometimes exciting and always compelling."

  • Pearson Education Submission guidelines - "Provides educators with elementary-level curriculum and assessment materials in every medium to motivate learning across a diverse student population. Our renowned businesses educate millions of students with quality content, services, and solutions that support educators and help schools and districts meet new demands for educational performance and reporting."

  • Pebble Books: (Imprint of Capstone Press) - Nonfiction for beginning readers for grades PreK-2.

  • Pebble Plus: (Imprint of Capstone Press) - Large, photographic picture books for grades PreK-2.

  • Peel Productions Submission guidelines - Non-fiction, primarily educational materials.

  • Pelican Publishing Co. Inc. Submission guidelines - "We seek writers on the cutting edge of ideas who do not write in clichés, or take the old, tired, unimaginative way of foul language and sex scenes to pad a poor writing effort. We strongly urge writers to be aware of ideas gaining currency. Hardcover and trade paperback originals (90%) and reprints (10%) including hardcover, trade paperback, and mass market."

  • Penguin/Putnam Books Submission guidelines - Large publisher publishing under a variety of imprints in a variety of fiction and non-fiction markets.

  • Perfection Learning Corporation (Educational Publisher) - "A leading publisher of teacher and student curriculum materials for grades Pre K through 12."

  • Perspectives Press Submission guidelines - "A small publisher focusing narrowly on infertility issues and alternatives, and on adoption and closely related child welfare issues such as interim (foster) care or psychological services. Our purpose is to promote understanding of these issues and to educate and sensitize those personally experiencing these life situations, professionals who work with such clients, and the public at large."

  • Philomel Submission guidelines - "Philomel, a term for an English nightingale that means literally "love of learning." The name implied that these books would be distinguished, beautiful in concept and form, fine enough to be sought as gifts, and original and handsome enough to be bought by libraries and schools."

  • Pleasant Company Publications Submission Guidelines - "Serves the developing interests and intellectual and emotional needs of girls ages 3-12 through premium, age-appropriate products and experiences that educate, entertain, reinforce positive social and moral values, and build self-esteem."

  • Polestar Submission guidelines (Imprint of Raincoast Books, Canadian) - "Produces a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles for adults and children."

  • Price Stern Sloan Submission guidelines - "A wide variety of publishing categories, especially children's books, novelty formats, and humor."

  • Priddy Books - "Big ideas for little people" - See St. Martin's (Imprint of St. Martin's Press)

  • Prometheus Books - "Thoughtful and authoritative works, leading publisher in philosophy, popular science, and critical thinking, with an average of 100 new titles a year."

  • Prufrock Press (Educational Publisher) Submission guidelines - "A leading publisher of educational teaching materials that stress the development of creative and critical thinking for gifted students in grades K through 8."

  • PublishAmerica Submission guidelines - "Publishes books in the best tradition of old-fashioned quality publishing. Specializes in books about, or by, people who face and overcome hardships and obstacles in life (both fictional and nonfictional), and who turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones."

  • Puffin Books Submission guidelines - "A strong literary tradition and a commitment to publishing a successful mix of classic children's fiction and the best new literature."

  • G.P. Putnam’s Sons Submission guidelines – “Publishes about fifty trade hardcover books a year for children, including lively, accessible picture books and some of today’s strongest voices in fiction.

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