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Book Publishers Beginning with "N"
  • National Baptist Publishing Board (Religious, Baptist) Submission Guidelines - Division of R.H.Boyd Publishing - "Christian, Educational, Family, Music, and Historical Publishing."

  • National Geographic Society Great top-notch, non-fiction books detailing adventures, animals, culture, exploration, history, geography, nature, reference and science.

  • Tommy Nelson Publishing Company (Religious) Submission guidelines - "Our goal is to nurture the faith of every child through books, videos and entertainment products. We spend all day everyday thinking about children and how we can impact their lives as they embrace their own personal faith in God."

  • New Canaan Publishing Co., Inc (Religious) Submission guidelines - "Small, independent publisher of children’s books, primarily educational works and stories for children aged from 6 to 14 years which will help children to study on their own, to supplement their school learning and activities. We are very interested in works in the areas of the sciences and history. Also publishes Christian books for all ages."
  • New Hope Submission guidelines - "Books and Bible studies dealing with real-life issues specific to Christian women-how to find a mentor, be a mentor, nurture a child's faith through mothering or grandmothering, navigate the difficult paths of adolescence, move from high school to the unknown world of college, .. understand the power of prayer, and recognize one's role in God's plan. Regardless of the topic, all New Hope books focus not only on the heart of the reader, but on equipping her to bless others."

  • Night Sky Books Submission guidelines - "A small, fiercely independent publisher of children's books so we never shy away from work that's unusual."

  • Northland Publishing Submission guidelines - "Acquires nonfiction books intended for general trade audiences on the American West and Southwest, including Native American arts, crafts, and culture; regional cookery; Western lifestyle; popular culture and history; and interior design, architecture, and gardening."

  • North-South Books Submission guidelines – “A small, fiercely independent publisher of children’s books so we never shy away from work that’s unusual.

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