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Book Publishers Beginning with "H"
  • Hachai Publishing (Religious) Submission guidelines - "Children's books for the very young (2-4) and slightly older children (3-6) are our specialty with stories that convey the traditional Jewish experience in modern times or long ago, positive character traits, biographies, history and historical fiction."

  • Hachette Book Group Submission Guidelines - "The mission of Hachette Book Group USA is: To publish great books well."

  • Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc Submission guidelines - "Quality metaphysical fiction and non-fiction that would make a difference in people's lives; Books that could help change the world and the people in it."

  • Handprint Books (Religious) Submission guidelines - "Handprint’s mission is simple: to publish good books."

  • Harcourt Paperbacks Submission guidelines - "Dedicated to publishing quality board books and novelty items, illustrated picture books, easy readers, and novels for children of all ages."
  • Harcourt Religion Publishers - "Serving the whole Catholic community."

  • Harcourt Trade Publishing Submission guidelines - "Dedicated to publishing quality board books and novelty items, illustrated picture books, easy readers, and novels for children of all ages."

  • Harcourt Young Classics Submission guidelines - "Dedicated to publishing quality board books and novelty items, illustrated picture books, easy readers, and novels for children of all ages."

  • HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks - "Respected worldwide for its tradition of publishing quality books for children."

  • HarperFestival - "Books, novelties, and merchandise for the very young--children from 0-6."

  • Harper Teen - "Great books for real teens, with characters, settings, and stories relevant to their own lives, minds, and spirits. Spanning the spectrum from classic themes to the cutting edge."

  • Harper Trophy Paperbacks - "Premier paperback imprint for children offering the very best of the old and the new."

  • HCI Teens - "Delivers the facts and fiction teens are asking for. HCI's commitment to teens is firm, upfront and to the point: Give teens what they want, what they need, and most important give teens a variety of quality content from which they can learn, grow and enjoy all life has to offer now and in the future."

  • Health Press Submission Guidelines - "Award-winning line of books for children and adults on a wide variety of medical conditions to meet the need for easy access to responsible, accurate patient education materials."

  • Henry Holt Submission guidelines - "Publishes a wide variety of books for children of all ages, including picture books, fiction, and nonfiction."

  • Heuer Publishing Company (Educational Publisher) Submission guidelines - "Specializes in plays and musicals for educational and community theatres with an eagerness to give young performers an opportunity to creatively express themselves through drama."

  • Highsmith Press Submission guidelines - "Our primary interests are resources that aid media specialists, librarians and teachers to develop and stimulate reading interests, and facilitate library and information-seeking skills among youth (preschool through high school)."

  • Hohm Press Submission Guidelines - "A venue for pioneering authors whose work promotes intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual integrity. Publishes books in the areas of transpersonal psychology and religious studies, herbistry, alternative health methods and nutrition."

  • Holiday House Submission guidelines - "Specialize in quality hardcovers from the picture book level to young adult, both fiction and non-fiction."

  • Holt, Rinehart and Winston (educational) Submission guidelines - Division of Harcourt Trade Publishers - "Leader in secondary educational publishing helping teachers teach and students learn by providing a wide range of instructional materials that include curriculum-based textbooks, CD-ROMs, videodiscs, and other support and reference materials."

  • Houghton Mifflin Co. Submission guidelines – Some of the best-loved characters in children’s literature encouraging kids to “curl up with a good book.”

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